What is the Best Material for Phone Case TPU or Silicone?

What is the Best Material for Phone Case TPU or Silicone?

If you want a high-end smartphone, you should be ready to pay the price. Since smartphones are expensive, there is a need to protect them. The two main options you have are to get a durable phone case or an extended warranty. The common phone cases on the market are tpu casing and silicone. If you are not sure which to choose, you should keep reading.

Both silicone and TPU are polymer materials that are widely used in various industries because of their physical qualities. The good thing about these materials is that they are easy to produce, moldable, and soft. This explains why you will find many phone cases made from these materials. Both TPU and silicone have their share of merits and drawbacks.

TPU Phone Cases

TPU is an abbreviation for Thermoplastic Polyurethane. However, you do not need to know the organic chemistry facts of this material. You can think of this material as a mesh pattern because it is made of multiple chains of copolymer. TPU is known to be versatile and is used in many industries. Being a polymer, it provides some important qualities the TPU has got. An important feature is its abrasion resistance. Another thing you will like about TPU cases is that they handle scratches.

TPU consists of both soft parts and hard parts. As a result, it provides the much-needed qualities in phone cases. This explains why TPU phone cases are resistant to abrasion, shock, and scratches. Moreover, it is lightweight and does not add weight. However, it is less thin and light than silicone.

TPU is known to be durable and has excellent resistance to friction. It does not matter the number of times the case rubs inside your pocket, it is likely to last for many years. However, it has its share of drawbacks. The main disadvantage of TPU cases is discoloring after extended use. Usually, they are known to turn yellow because of the UV rays.

Silicon Phone Cases

Silicone is known to be a rubbery, soft material. You will find many phone cases made of silicone. Since the material is thin and contours to the body, it provides a perfect grip. Also, being light and thin, it does not add bulk to the phone. You will find a silicone phone case comfortable to hold. You should note that silicone is a polymer and it is a product of carbon and silicon.

The truth is that silicone phone cases have many disadvantages. First, the material is not good at protecting your phone. The main reason you choose a phone case is to get adequate protection from shock. Think of what happens when the phone falls on a hard surface. Will the phone case protect it from scratches and abrasions?

Another problem with silicone phone cases is their poor durability. You cannot expect a silicone phone case to last long. Also, the material is suitable for use at low temperatures. Regular use of these cases wears them out. As a result, the phone case becomes sticky.